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• Weather in the Menubar
• Weather in a window
• Weather in the dock

WeatherMan grabs and displays weather information for cities worldwide.
Weather three ways for as many cities as you'd like.

Check out the screen shot!

Using data from the National Weather Service, WeatherMan shows...
• Current Conditions
• Extended Forecasts - Highs, Lows, Chance of precipitation, etc.
• Weather Alerts - Severe and general alerts like Tornado, Thunderstorm, Flood, Blizzard, etc. (US Cities Only)
• Radar - Current NexRad radar images - Animated, if you like. (US Cities Only)
• Custom Images - Can pull images from the web using any URL including satellite images

To add a new city use the "File Menu" or application preferences.
See the AfterTen website for a simple quick start guide.

AppleScript support - Using AppleScript extract the weather data to use in other applications.

--- Please, before posting a crash log in a review ---
--- or some other technical issue that is easily resolved ---
--- Just email me first. Then post whatever review you'd like. Thanks. ---

1,09 €

Note di rilascio

12/02/2019 | Versione : 2.9.0 | Dimesioni : 12,4 MB
Fixed US Location Lookups.
Increased the size of the window slightly for better readability.

01/12/2017 | Versione : 2.8.1 | Dimesioni : 11,6 MB
Updated for High Sierra, no other significant changes.

07/12/2016 | Versione : 2.7.6 | Dimesioni : 11,0 MB
Bug fix for current conditions for U.S. Cities.
Bug fixes for International Cities.
Other general bug fixes.
Enhancements to the Radar and Satellite Animations.


Categorie :
#21 : Top app a pagamento per Mac [Meteorologia]
#36 : Top app redditizie per Mac [Meteorologia]

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Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Mode e tendenze , Meteorologia

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Mac OS

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