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Heroic Battle is a challenging strategy board game that requires logic, deception and memory. Play against a friend on your local Wi-Fi network or a computer opponent: Probe, the Computer Stratego World Champion. You can start a new game in seconds and pause a game to complete at a later time.
Heroic Battle is easy to learn. Each game is different. You and your opponent set up your flags, bombs and other pieces and then venture out to try to capture the other’s flag. But the catch is, you only learn the identity of your opponent’s pieces during attacks. Many of the pieces—miners, scouts, the spy—have special properties that you’ll discover as you play.
One of the great features of Heroic Battle is that you can create and save your own setups. Each setup produces a different kind of game. Do you prefer fast, wide open play or a slower more conservative pace? Do you want to fortify your flag and defend it or just hide it somewhere and dare your opponent to find it? It’s up to you.
Heroic Battle is fun to play with a friend. All you need is a local Wi-Fi network, no Internet connection required. One of you taps to create a game and the other taps to join it. Simple as that.
Or you can play against Probe, the built-in computer opponent. Probe is the three-time Computer Stratego World champion, which makes it one of the best AI game engines available. Probe is suitable for play from beginners to experts and can be set to your skill level.


Note di rilascio

12/02/2019 | Versione : 2.01 | Dimesioni : 33,3 MB
Yellow Games is pleased to announce that Heroic Battle now offers Probe, the Three-Time Computer Stratego World Champion. Probe is the most advanced AI engine in its class. You’ll play against a realistic opponent that can do everything you would expect from a skilled human adversary. Probe has been customized to work with Heroic Battle. It’s fast, it’s smart and it’s ready for your best game.

06/01/2018 | Versione : 1.01 | Dimesioni : 30,8 MB
Bug fixes

12/12/2017 | Versione : 1.0 | Dimesioni : 30,9 MB

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Giochi , Giochi da tavolo , Strategia

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Mac OS

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