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Easy Video Player

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Per Micah Sharp

Do you have a lot of pictures and videos on your Mac from various places, but are frustrated when you try to view them? Do you end up opening a ton of Preview or Quicktime player windows while trying to view all your media?

Easy Video Player was created to solve that problem. Open Easy Video Player, select a folder that has all your media, and we will list all your videos and images for you so you can view them all in a single application, in a single preview window, and enjoy them efficiently.

We even search into subfolders so you don't have to jump around, just pick the one that is at the very top of the folder hierarchy, and we'll show you everything inside as deep as it goes.

You are welcome to search for all media assets, or for only photos or only videos.

Version 1.0 is purely for viewing with some sharing features. Future enhancements will include the ability to rotate pictures to fix weird orientations, as well as some basic image editing tools to give you the same features you've come to expect from Mac Apps.

Note di rilascio

12/11/2017 | Versione : 1.01 | Dimesioni : 810,6 KB
- Minor update to UI, photos no longer "N/A" duration.

11/02/2019 | Versione : 1.0.5 | Dimesioni : 810,6 KB
- Open files that are missing an extension but are valid media types
- Modernize older video formats so they can viewed in the playback window

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Fotografia , Video

Dispositivi supportati : Mac OS

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