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BeagleIM by Tigase, Inc.

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Per Tigase, Inc.

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BeagleIM is a lightweight and powerful XMPP client developed by Tigase, Inc. It provides an easy way to start using the XMPP Protocol (formerly known as Jabber) if you've never used it before. Veterans of the protocol will find many features here they are familiar.

- Control multiple accounts from a single application and sign into all your XMPP accounts at once.
- Message Archive supported: Access chat history from the server.
- Support for joining and creating chatrooms for multi-party collaboration.
- Automated status management; no need to change status every time you put your computer to sleep or leave it for a while.
- In-band registration; Sign into and create a new account on your favorite XMPP/Jabber​ server!
- Photos and other files easy sharing in private chats and in group chats, even with people using different XMPP clients.
- Vcard support: robust user profiles.

Welcome to XMPP: Welcome to BeagleIM.


Note di rilascio

14/12/2019 | Versione : 3.4 | Dimesioni : 15,7 MB
Added support for changing the avatar of group chat (if the server supports that) and simplified group chat creation form.

07/06/2019 | Versione : 3.0 | Dimesioni : 23,3 MB
Added support for OMEMO end-to-end encryption

For advanced users added service discovery feature and XML console available from Windows menu with ALT/Option key pressed.

31/03/2019 | Versione : 2.1 | Dimesioni : 21,9 MB
This is a minor bugfix update improving look and feel of the application and solving a few issues.


Categorie :
#76 : Top app gratuite per Mac [Social Network]

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Mode e tendenze , Social Network

Dispositivi supportati
Mac OS

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