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The official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS designed exclusively for mobile. Play free anywhere, anytime. PUBG MOBILE delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile. Drop in, gear up, and compete. Survive epic 100-player classic battles, payload mode and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. Survival is key and the last one standing wins. When duty calls, fire at will!

2018 Mobile Game of the Year – Golden Joystick Award
Top Free iPhone Game 2018 – Apple App Store

FREE ON MOBILE - Powered by Unreal Engine 4. Console quality gaming on the go. Delivers jaw-dropping HD graphics and 3D sound. Featuring customizable mobile controls, training modes, and voice chat. Experience the most smooth control and realistic ballistics, weapon behavior on mobile.

MASSIVE BATTLE MAPS - From Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, compete on these enormous and detailed battlegrounds varying in size, terrain, day/night cycles and dynamic weather – from urban city spaces to frozen tundra, to dense jungles, master each battleground's secrets to create your own strategic approach to win.

DEPTH AND VARIETY – From the 100-player classic mode, the exhilarating payload mode to the lightning-fast Arcade and 4v4 Team Deathmatch modes, as well as the intense Zombie modes. There is something for everyone! Play Solo, Duo, and in 4-player Squads. Fire your weapon to your heart's content! Be a lone wolf soldier or play with a Clan and defeat the enemies when duty calls! Offers FPS (First-Person Shooter) and TPS (Third-Person Shooter) play, lots of vehicles for all the different terrains in the game and an arsenal of realistic weapons. Find your perfect ride and pieces to cruise towards the final circle!

ALWAYS GROWING - Daily events & challenges, and monthly updates delivering new gameplay features and modes that keep PUBG MOBILE always growing and expanding. Our powerful and serious anti-cheating mechanisms ensure a fair and balanced gaming environment where everyone plays by the rules.

*Requires a stable internet connection.
*PUBG MOBILE recommended system requirements: iPhone 6 or above and iOS 9 or above.

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Service name: PUBGM Prime
1. Funds will be deducted from your iTunes account once confirmed. The subscription price is US$0.99, renewed every month. PUBGM Prime subscribers may collect 5UC per day and can use BP to buy certain items in the shop.
2. Only 1 subscription may be active at any time. Once you subscribe, US$0.99 will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account 24 hours before your current subscription ends, and your subscription will be renewed for one month, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription.

Service name: PUBGM PrimePlus
1. Funds will be deducted from your iTunes account once confirmed. The subscription price is US$9.99, renewed every month. PUBGM PrimePlus subscribers may collect 20UC per day and can use BP to buy certain items in the shop.
2. Only 1 subscription may be active at any time. Once you subscribe, US$9.99 will be automatically deducted from your iTunes account 24 hours before your current subscription ends, and your subscription will be renewed for one month, unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of your current subscription.

To cancel your subscription, go to Settings-iTunes and App Store-View Apple ID to go to your account subscription settings and manage or cancel your subscriptions.



Note di rilascio

03/07/2020 | Versione : 0.18.0 | Dimesioni : 2,2 GB
Play the most popular mobile game in the world for the best Battle Royale experience!
Explore new areas and items in the updated Miramar map!
A sandstorm is coming! Prepare well to survive in the extreme climate!

Upgrades to Classic Maps
1. Miramar Updates
- A new Oasis in the northern part of the map and Ruins in the northwest are waiting for you to explore. More housing areas, roads, and resources have been added so that you can pick your landing spot and battles wisely.
- A race track now runs through the whole map and is perfect for motorheads.
- New Miramar vehicle: Golden Mirado. Only 1 will spawn on the map. Show off your riches in the desert!
- Miramar's new Vending Machine: Get energy drinks or painkillers from Vending Machines scattered around the map. You might even be lucky enough to get 8 drinks at a time.
- The Win94 comes with its own 2.7x Scope and only spawns in Miramar.
2. Sandstorm Incoming
There is a chance that some areas in Miramar and the Main Menu will be ravaged by Sandstorms.
3. Miramar Main Menu Theme
Update and download the base map to get the Miramar Main Lobby and music.
4. Miramar Achievements
Play the new Miramar map and complete the objectives to get these achievements.
5. Miramar Events
Complete new events for great rewards!

Updates to Classic Gameplay
1. Bluehole Mode (coming soon)
- Added Bluehole Mode to EvoGround: Erangel will now have 2 zones, an outer and inner zone. The inner zone is the newest addition which will represent the next play zone location. Players will lose health while in this inner zone as long as the outer zone is present. Once the outer zone finishes shrinking to the inner circle, a new inner zone will appear.
- All supplies spawn with a 50% increase over the Classic Mode Erangel map. Players can revive a teammate in 4 seconds.
2. Jungle Adventure (coming soon)
During this event, when finding a match in Sanhok there is a random chance to enter Jungle Adventure Mode.
- Totems: Find ancient totems and invoke their power for a chance to receive a blessing or item.
- Jungle Food: Fruit and other foods grow in the wild. Eating them may grant mysterious effects.
- Hot Air Balloon: Control the Hot Air Balloon to survey the battlefield.
New Arena Weapon
New Weapon: P90
- The P90 has been added to the Arena and it is a fearsome weapon in close quarters.
- Fires 9mm rounds and has a default magazine capacity of up to 50 shots. It has a single shot, burst shot, and full auto mode.
- Equip the P90 with all SMG Muzzle attachments, 1x-6x Scope, and Laser Sight.
Brand New Content
1. Cheer Park:
Cheer Park is a social area that can accommodate 20 players at any time. It has most of the basic Training Ground features and lets players interact with other players in real-time!
- Players can view the information of other players, chat, interact with Emotes, and add friends.
- Players can team up with other players and play matches in various modes.
- Invite friends to interact and roast chicken together in Cheer Park.
Players can also engage in other interactions in Cheer Park:
- Quick Draw: Players can have 1v1 duels with other players.
- Hunt Game: The Hunt Game that was featured in the anniversary celebration is also available in Cheer Park. Give it a try!
- The Shooting Range is a way to show off your shooting skills and compete against the other players in the Cheer Park. You can also share your results in chats.
2. Guncraft Finishes
- Players can customize the colors, patterns, and emblems of their weapons after obtaining customizable finishes.
- Players can create custom Emblems to truly personalize their weapons.
- Guncraft materials are obtained from Lucky Spin. Some materials can also be purchased directly.
- Graffiti can be exchanged for Guncraft stickers and applied to weapons as a finish.

29/04/2020 | Versione : 0.17.0 | Dimesioni : 2,2 GB
2nd Anniversary Amusement Park is here!
A new experience with leveling rewards, 2gether We Play!
1. New Content
Erangel - Amusement Park Mode
Players have a chance to enter Amusement Park Mode during Erangel matchmaking in Classic mode.
a) Amusement Park - Amusement parks will randomly appear in 3 locations.
b) Interactive Arcade Machines placed in the amusement parks and major towns, which can be played with Tokens.
c) Games and Attractions include Hunting Ducks, Space War, Gashapon Machine, Shooting Range, Trampoline, and Reverse Bungee.
d) Reverse Bungee + Wingsuit: High-rise Reverse Bungee rides will appear in the middle of the amusement parks. Players can launch into the air to glide off and use their parachute again.
Anniversary Celebration - Server Goal Event:
a) During the Anniversary Celebration, all players on the server work together to achieve the event goals and receive rewards.
b) Individual Events allow each player to complete missions for rewards.
c) Added Event Points Ranking to encourage players to participate.
Anniversary Celebration - New Anniversary Achievements:
a) Anniversary Cake collection achievement returns.
b) 2nd Anniversary mini-game achievement.
c) Anniversary Login exclusive achievement.

Classic - New Air Drop weapon DBS
a) DBS, double-barreled shotgun, only found in Air Drops.
b) The DBS has an internal magazine with 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo that can fire 2 rounds before needing to rack from the magazine.
c) DBS needs to be reloaded after 2 shots, and is faster compared to previous shotguns' reloading speeds.
d) The DBS can use the Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight, and 2x - 6x Scope.
Classic Mode - Added independent teammate volume control:
Supports adjusting the voice volume of a single teammate in battle. Players can raise or lower the volume according to the teammates’ voices.
Classic Mode - Universal Mark:
a) Added Universal Mark to mark locations, supplies, vehicles, death crates, and doors.
b) When marking, the corresponding mark calls out different objects. Players can mark and respond to teammates' marks for quick communication.
Classic Mode - Death Replay:
Added Death Replay for players to review how they were eliminated. Players can watch from the attacker's perspective and see how they were eliminated.
Classic Mode - Colorblind Mode:
Added Colorblind Mode in Graphics Settings, featuring more accessibility options for Poison, Smoke, and Auxiliary Lines.
2. New Arcade Content
Return of Hardcore Mode:
We listened to the suggestions of the PUBG MOBILE community and brought Hardcore Mode back!
In Hardcore Mode there are no sound prompts, and manual actions are required like pick-up and open/close doors, all to give you a more realistic experience.
3. EvoGround New Content
EvoGround - Arctic Mode:
Based on Classic Mode gameplay, arctic storms appear periodically in Vikendi. Players need to maintain body temperature through various means, otherwise their health will continuously decrease when their body temperature is below normal.
Maintain body temperature by:
a) Using a lighter to light a fire indoors. Gather branches and add them to the fire to keep it going.
b) Hunting chickens and roasting them over the fire. Eating some roast chicken restores body temperature.
c) Using items such as the Heater or Heat Packs.
Other Content:
a) Snowboards from the Winter Festival will appear in this mode for players to hit the slopes.
b) Drones can scout the surrounding area, leading to new tactics.
4. New System Features
Added Brothers in Arms:
a) Veterans with rich game experience will guide and play together with rookies in the game, allowing rookies to learn from the veterans and master the game quickly, while the veterans can receive great rewards.
b) Both parties will enter battle immediately after matching, which supports Classic mode rating calculations.、

14/12/2019 | Versione : 0.16.0 | Dimesioni : 2,2 GB
Winter Festival and RageGear are here with new contents!

What's New
Classic: Snow Paradise
When queuing for Erangel in Classic mode, players have a chance to enter Snow Paradise, where the Spawn Island is covered in snow. Once players enter a match, they will be able to take cable cars on snowy mountains and try out snowboarding.

Classic: Healing
Med Kit, Painkillers, Energy Drinks, Bandages, First Aid Kit, Adrenaline Syringe and some consumables from other modes can now be used while moving. Movement speed is greatly reduced while using consumables. Bandages can now be automatically used one after another to restore health.

EvoGround: RageGear
In RageGear, players are divided into two factions and randomly assigned as the driver or the shooter of a vehicle, which is installed with powerful weapons, including the mounted Gatling, mounted Shotgun, and mounted RPG. The driver will be able to fire weapons while driving. Pick up RageGear-exclusive items by crashing into the item crate with a vehicle.
RageGear - TDM: Destroy an enemy vehicle for 1 point. The Faction that achieves the target score first wins.
RageGear - PickUp:The Faction that collects the required number of Point Crates first wins. Point Crates collected are lost once the vehicle is destroyed.

- Added a Loadout screen, which can be accessed from the TDM Selection screen or the Inventory screen to edit the weapon and items they bring into the match. Loadouts can be switched freely when entering TDM and when respawning.
- The variety of weapons that you can use in the loadout increases along with your Evo Level. Each firearm has its own mastery level, which players can raise to unlock more attachments.
- Removed the firearms, ammo and other resources generated at the spawn point in TDM. All firearms that drop from dead enemies in TDM will have all attachments.

Players can now switch to FPP while inside TPP matches in Classic, Arcade and Training Grounds through a button. The button can be moved and even be disabled in settings.

Players can now choose to enable/disable sliding in settings. Once disabled, sliding will not be triggered in TDM.

Spectator Tier Limit
Low-tier players will no longer be able to spectate friends that belong to a higher tier.

Friendly Fire Kills
Report a teammate for friendly fire to stop the teammate from performing further actions during the current match.

Added backpack ornaments. The same ornament is used for Level 1, 2 and 3 of a backpack.

Firearm balancing (Classic):
- Bolt action sniper rifles: Damage to torso increased by 30%.
- AWM: Bullet damage reduced, from 132 to 120.
- SMG: Damage to torso and limbs increased by 5%.
- Crossbow: Damage to torso and limbs increased by 40% and 20% respectively.
- S12K: Damage of each bullet increased from 22 to 24.
- Sawed-off shotgun: Damage of each shot fired increased from 20 to 22.
- S686/S1897: Damage of each bullet increased from 24 to 26.
- Shotguns: Maximum shot traveling distance reduced from 1,000m to 150m.
- Duckbill: Now increases shotgun vertical spread and reduces horizontal spread.

- Further reduced lag in TDM.
- Improved TDM rendering efficiency for high-spec models
- Reduced resource usage for some high-spec models.
- Improved the basic frame rate of some low-spec models.
- Further reduced the resource usage while in combat.
- Smoothness when rotating the camera, opening scope and moving through the map has been improved.
- Reduced the loading time required for some Android devices to enter battle.

When players are already in the vehicle, only teammates can get in.

TDM and Infection now have separate settings. Players can set different UI interfaces for Classic mode, TDM, and Infection.


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