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Have you ever wanted to draw like a professional artist?
Are you fascinated by symmetry and tessellations?
If so, Amaziograph will help you express your creativity.

Amaziograph lets you create breathtaking tessellations and mandalas in an easy and fun manner. The intuitive user interface makes drawing easy and relaxing, and advanced features make Amaziograph suitable for everyone from children to professional artists.

Amaziograph offers you a choice of 11 symmetries you can combine to draw anything. Once you touch the screen, the stroke is simultaneously drawn in multiple sections of the canvas, turning your movement into mesmerizing tessellations and mandalas.

Amaziograph features:
* 11 types of symmetries
* Brush and eraser tools with adjustable stroke width, softness and opacity
* Paint bucket tool
* Easy to use color palette -- mix colors just like you would do in real life. If you still want to choose colors with RGB values, you have that option too
* Layers
* Canvas size up to 4096x4096px
* Automatic correction of circles and straight lines
* Draw dashed and dotted lines automatically
* Export your artwork in JPEG and PNG formats, or in Amaziograph format to share with other Amaziograph users

We cannot describe the feeling of drawing with Amaziograph - it’s up to you to discover your inner art nature.

1,09 €

Note di rilascio

29/04/2020 | Versione : 6.3 | Dimesioni : 19,8 MB
- Added threshold and other options to the Paint Bucket tool. You can access them in the Tool Settings popover opened by tapping the Paint Bucket icon in the toolbar
- Bug fixes

07/10/2019 | Versione : 6.1 | Dimesioni : 19,2 MB
- Duplicate and merge layers by swiping left on a layer
- Double tap a layer's thumbnail to toggle visibility
- Improved pressure sensitivity for Apple Pencil and Adonit Pixel styli
- Wide brush strokes now appear sharper

08/02/2019 | Versione : 5.0.2 | Dimesioni : 29,2 MB
- Bug fixes


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