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webcam+ Smartphone IP Camera

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Per Xiaoxi Zhang

webcam+ is a two-in-one app of webcam and webcam viewer, which supports multiple platforms. This is the client of webcam+ on macOS. To use it, a mobile device with webcam+ app is required. The mobile device uses its own HD camera to shoot video and transmit it to this app. This app is the monitor, which can receive and display the video. It can control the shooting device remotely as well.

It fully exploits the powerful hardware performance of Apple devices, has amazing capability of real-time transmission of HD video, up to 4K! The app can find all the mobile devices which is running webcam+ and display them on its window. With a simple click, it can connect one of the device remotely and play the in time hd video/audio from it. It also controls the device remotely, it can set the focus, turn on/off the flash lighting, switch the front and back cameras, mute audio, etc.

It also can receive the high quality audio with the video. And it even supports full duplex intercom between two devices.

webcam+ has its own visual sensor. Through using of advanced motion sensing algorithm, it can "see" moving objects and inform the client immediately, just like a guardian. You can set the behavior of the client when it received the alarm. It can switch an app from background to front and play alarm tone. This powerful function can be used to monitor babies or patients, can be used to help supervise and coach children, can be used to protect private space, can be used to play with pets and so on.

More interesting scenarios:
It can be used as a magic mirror, with the big screen, allowing you to watch yourself easily from the side, behind and any angles. Help dress up or make up.
It can be used as a mirror, with high resolution with the flash lighting to observe the mouth, nose or ears and other parts;
It can be used as a periscope, view something places which are usually difficult to eyes, such as narrow gaps, dark corners, very high or very low spaces. It does give you a hand when you are looking for something.

1. By fully exploiting the hardware performance of apple devices, it has the capability of real-time hd video transmission, up to 4K.
2. Controls remote camera focus and exposure as if using a local camera.
3. Supports turn on/off the flash auxiliary lighting remotely
4. Supports switch front camera and back camera of remote device
5. Supports high-quality audio synchronous transmission. The remote camera and the client can perform full-duplex intercom.
6. Supports the motion sensor. It can switch an app from background to front, it can play alert tone. It can work as a good baby monitor.
7. It can be a magic mirror for dress up or make up.
8. It can be a sight glass. By using the macro feature on the camera, it can cast small objects to big screen display.
9.It can be used as a periscope to view the high, low, narrow spaces and dark corners.

If you don’t mind your powerful device to be more powerful, please download and use the app. You will absolutely like it.

For more information about webcam+ or getting webcam+ iOS version, please access

Note di rilascio

16/12/2017 | Versione : 1.1.6 | Dimesioni : 7,4 MB
Improvements and bug fixes.

24/11/2017 | Versione : 1.1.0 | Dimesioni : 7,4 MB
Improvements and bug fixes.
Please contact with any questions or suggestions. Thanks!
== Please rate us in the App Store ==
It will help us improve the app and provide you with more awesome features.

29/10/2017 | Versione : 1.0.1 | Dimesioni : 7,4 MB
Optimazed user experience. Users can view more stable and smooth live video stream, which is taken from other iPhone/iPad.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


Mode e tendenze , Utility , Video

Dispositivi supportati : Mac OS

Da questo dev.


Prezzo : Gratuiti
Piattaforma : iPhone/iPad
Per Xiaoxi Zhang

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