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IQ Wars

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Per Antanas Pakula

IQ tournaments with prizes. Trivia, quizzes, educational contests.

IQ Wars is a new generation IQ, trivia and quiz app with unique killer features:

• tournaments with real prizes: join freeroll IQ tournaments and win prize pool everyday.

• AI functionality: When questions have open answers app can detect player's mistypes i.e if answer "Michael Jackson" is correct, "Mihael Jackson" is also correct, "King of Pop" is also correct and so on (this function is self learning and improves with time)

• live tournaments with unique questions: every live tournament is prepared explicitly by our team with unique questions and tasks. Questions are not just randomly selected from database (except for SNG tournaments where questions are retrieved from our database automatically).

• evaluated questions: every question and IQ task is evaluated by our team and different time limit and score is assigned depending on difficulty level.

• hints questions: special type of questions when questions are made of three hints. First hint gives 25-40% probability of correct answer, second hint gives 60-80% probability while third hint gives 100% probability while scoring lowering with every hint.

• SNG tournaments: more like classic trivia tournaments that start when specified number of players register in.

• dynamic response and strategy: IQ Wars is realtime multiplayer tournament so you always have to be aware of your results, positions and your opponents positions. This will help you to project your playing strategy which may vary from conservative to risky. Positions are recalculated after every question.

• reLive tournaments: players can play “live” tournaments even if they missed it. They will play tournament against players who had played it already with realtime resubmitting of their stored inputs and simulating live tournament.

• IQ score : IQ score unique formula is calculated based on players performance during last 30 days.

Note di rilascio

27/10/2017 | Versione : 2.00 | Dimesioni : 70,4 MB
Network failure detection
Reconnect functionality added
New types of tournaments
Different value questions added

07/09/2017 | Versione : 1.98 | Dimesioni : 70,4 MB
Added featured tournaments

29/06/2017 | Versione : 1.95 | Dimesioni : 70,4 MB
Information about next Live tournament is shown before Login or Registration.


Categorie :
#4 : Top app gratuite per Mac [Trivia]
#172 : Top app gratuite per Mac [Giochi]

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Intrattenimento , Giochi , Istruzione , Trivia

Dispositivi supportati : Mac OS

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