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Per Audiofile Engineering, LLC

Fidelia is a high-definition audio player for sophisticated music lovers. With support for all contemporary audio file formats and an elegant interface that focuses exclusively on music, it gives users the power and the freedom to organize, customize and savor their digital music collection at the highest possible fidelity in any circumstance. If you've invested in premium audio hardware, you should have the best audio software.

Just as an HD television enables viewers to enjoy high-definition video, Fidelia provides a gateway to high-definition audio by supporting a wide range of high-quality formats — including FLAC, which iTunes does not support. As artists in every genre increasingly turn to high-quality formats, Fidelia gives discerning listeners a way to hear their music as it was meant to be heard.

Fidelia's stylish interface reflects users' pure passion for music, paying tribute to the iconic stereo systems of decades past while offering sleek, intuitive controls that Mac owners demand. A classically styled volume dial is augmented by Mute and Dim functions. A crisp, eye-pleasing display shows individual track details, stereo levels and audio waveforms. Fidelia also provides seamless access to your existing iTunes music library.

With Fidelia, savvy music lovers have the ability to further personalize audio playback by installing third-party Audio Unit plug-ins. For example, Fidelia reaches beyond the narrow parameters of typical built-in equalization controls, allowing users to install higher-quality EQ and other Audio Units plug-ins to suit any taste or listening environment.

Audiofile's Fidelia Audio System optimizes the modern listening experience by realizing the full potential of quality audio hardware. No matter what type of sounds are in play, it incorporates Goodhertz's sample rate conversion, a new standard, to achieve optimum sonic fidelity. Dedicated audiophiles can also select real-time audio dithering via Goodhertz' Good Dither™ technology.

Fidelia features CanOpener™ Headphone Processing by Goodhertz, enabling you to create a more spacious, natural soundstage when listening with headphones. With user controls that are simple and effective, the algorithm can be fine tuned to your personal music library, listening preferences, and hardware.

CanOpener utilizes a unique, dynamic-range optimized equalization section to maintain the highest possible digital resolution at any setting. So you’ll never need to worry about digital clipping, distortion, or loss of headroom when using CanOpener. The CanOpener monitoring section offers several key monitoring facilities that are typically reserved for high-end monitor controllers or mastering consoles.

With the Fidelia app for iOS (sold separately), users can turn their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full-featured remote control for Fidelia.

For additional info and product specs, visit the Audiofile website by clicking the button at the upper right.

NOTE: Fidelia does not support DRM-protected AAC files.

Note di rilascio

12/11/2015 | Versione : 1.6.5 | Dimesioni : 6,8 MB
Fidelia is now fully compatible with El Capitan (10.11)

20/08/2015 | Versione : 1.6.1 | Dimesioni : 6,8 MB
Fidelia 1.6.1 resolves an issue that prevented the Player and Library from appearing at launch and fixes a crash when importing certain MP3 files.

28/07/2014 | Versione : 1.5.3 | Dimesioni : 20,7 MB
Version 1.5.3 improves the overall performance and stability of Fidelia.

Please contact us at if you encounter issues with Fidelia. We want your feedback!


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#26 : Top app redditizie per Mac [Musica]
#43 : Top app a pagamento per Mac [Musica]

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Intrattenimento , Musica

Dispositivi supportati : Mac OS

Commenti e voti per Fidelia

Ha un problema frequente (1.5.3)
25/06/2015 21.59.00 2/5 Per robdt
Il programma è di per se eccellente e vale il costo. Il problema è che molto frequentemente, soprattutto se si salta di traccia usando i relativi comandi, stacca spesso uno dei due canali e lo fa anche un po “strappando” sui diffusori… io direi che è un problema non da poco che costringe a frequanti riavvii dell’applicazione. Se risolto, è eccellente. Se non risolto, una grande seccatura per chi vuole ascoltare buon audio e perde spesso un canale di riproduzione….

Extra costosi (1.3.1)
07/07/2013 18.13.00 4/5 Per mammuth7
Ottimo player che ben supporta gli effetti AU/VST. Credo che andrebbe ancora migliorata la Library. Trovo invece davvero eccessivi i prezzi delle funzioni extra (Avanced e FHX Headphone) per i quali tra l'altro non esistono versioni demo.

rettifico (1.3.1)
24/06/2013 13.55.00 5/5 Per ozioso
Problema risolto, c'era un conflitto tra Fidelia e dei plugins per Logic della Native Instruments. Ora funziona e devo riconoscere che la qualità audio della 1.3.1 è superiore alle versioni precedenti. Spettacolare il dettaglio e la scena in cuffia grazie a FHX. Il miglior player audiofilo per Mac assieme ad Audirvana Plus.

buona ma migliorabile (1.2.1)
12/01/2013 10.23.00 4/5 Per ab.eccolo
Come riproduzione audio ci siamo, migliora effettivamente l'ascolto, pero' ci sono alcune migliorie alla parte "libreria musicale" che potrebbero essere implementate: 1- poter accedere alla libreria anche dall'interfaccia grafica 2- migliore gestione dei titoli (se la libreria e' grande sarebbe meglio mettere anche le copertine ovviamente importandole da itunes)

Grande audio a poco prezzo (1.2.1)
20/12/2012 0.48.00 5/5 Per darsch0321
Per ora è la mia preferita per ascoltare musica ad alta risoluzione.

Good, but not enough (1.2.1)
02/11/2012 20.07.00 2/5 Per Mrescl
First: it lacks a column to browse the music by artist, when you have a large library it becomes a problem. Second: The artwork feature hat was implemented is completely useless since if the artwork is not in the metadata of the file fidelia won't display it (no cover drag and drop feature), and here i'm arriving to the third point: it would be nice to add a feature that allows to modify the metadata of the file (Artist/album/year/...) also since many songs that don't have those information will fall in the bottom of the library limbo!

itunes (1.2.1)
16/09/2012 18.04.00 3/5 Per Zeb75
i brani acquistati da itunes non possono essere trasferiti nella libreira di Fidelia!

Ottima (1.2.1)
26/06/2012 18.35.00 4/5 Per totemanitu
a parte il costo(sembra un po' cara) migliora effettivamente l'ascolto dei dei brani attraverso il computer, la qualità si paga…manca però una vera integrazione con altre applicazioni audio

Great Application (1.1.3)
15/12/2011 20.29.00 5/5 Per ChrisApp1985
You have to fix the bug that occurs when you add a song from your itunes library to Fidelia library.when you delete the song from fidelia library and then try to play this song from itunes library the song didn't start… you have to quit and opean again Fidelia..

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