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Accordance Bible Software

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Per OakTree Software, Inc.

Accordance is the premier application for studying and searching the Bible. For over 18 years Accordance has been helping students, pastors, scholars, and devotional readers go deeper in their Bible study. If you are looking for a fast and powerful tool that will take your Bible study to the next level, Accordance is for you.

What can you do with Accordance?
Accordance lets you read, search, and explore the Bible and related texts. You can also create your own user content that will integrate with the rest of your study materials and sync with Accordance on iOS. Supports use of Dropbox to sync User Notes, User Tools, and Highlight files with other Accordances (and Accordances on iOS). Syncing can occur manually, or automatically behind the scenes (when possible).

• Read the Bible and compare multiple translations side by side
• Read devotionals and follow a Bible reading plan
• Read commentaries that will scroll in sync with your Bible

• Search the Bible using powerful search commands
• Search the Bible graphically using a drag and drop interface
• Analyze search results with customizable charts and graphs

• Look up unfamiliar words in Bible dictionaries and lexicons
• Explore parallel passages in the Gospels, Epistles, Hebrew Bible, and more
• Learn more about words in the Bible just by hovering over them (in tagged Bibles)

• Take notes that will scroll in sync with your Bible
• Highlight your Bible and other books with customizable highlight colors and patterns
• Create or import user tools that integrate with your library and are fully searchable
• Create Bible diagrams to study the structure of a passage (does not sync with iOS)

What does this Starter Collection Include?
This Accordance 10 Starter Collection includes the ESV Bible tagged with Strong’s numbers, Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible, IVP's New Bible Commentary, and over 20 other resources to aid you in your Bible study. Below is a list of all the Bibles, books, and tools included.

English Bibles
• Bible in Basic English
• Douay-Rheims Bible
• English Standard Version tagged with Strong’s numbers (ESVS)
• King James Version tagged with Strong's numbers (KJVS)
• King James Version Apocrypha (KJVA)
• World English Bible (WEB)

International Bibles
• French La Sainte Bible, Nouvelle Edition de Genève 1979 (NEG79)
• Italian La Sacra Bibbia, Nuova Riveduta 1994 (NR94)
• German Schlacter translation 1951 (SCHLA)
• Spanish Reina Valera 1909 (RVR09)

Greek Bibles
• Textus Receptus Greek New Testament
• Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Tagged Greek New Testament Demo (first three chapters)

Greek Tools
• Mounce Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the New Testament

Hebrew Bibles
• Hebrew Masoretic Text Demo (first three chapters)

Hebrew Tools
• Kohlenberger/Mounce Concise Hebrew–Aramaic Dictionary of the Old Testament

Bible Parallels
• Old Testament
• Old Testament in the New Testament
• Gospels
• Harmony
• Q Sayings
• Synoptics
• Epistles

• IVP New Bible Commentary
• Matthew Henry’s Commentary (Condensed)

• Easton's Bible Dictionary
• Eerdmans Dictionary of the BIble
• Webster's Dictionary

Bible Reading Plans
• Chronological Readings
• Devotional Readings

Other Tools
• Bible Outlines
• Classic Passages
• Parables & Miracles
• Maps Sampler
• Nave's Topical Bible
• PhotoGuide Sampler
• Timeline Sampler

What else is available for purchase?
If you want to add more to your library, you can purchase other books and Bible study tools at any time. Accordance offers an extensive catalog of materials including everything from Christian classics to Jewish publications to high-end Greek and Hebrew resources. Whatever your Bible study needs, Accordance has you covered.

Note di rilascio

20/03/2015 | Versione : 10.4.6 | Dimesioni : 254,7 MB
Version 10.4.6
Minor concordance bug fixes and future proofing

16/12/2014 | Versione : 10.4.5 | Dimesioni : 254,7 MB
Version 10.4.5
Improved concordance, key number support, and important bug fixes

▪Increased ending time of Timeline to 2500 to allow for current and near future user specific dates
▪Improved layout of Pie Chart labels
▪Added Shift-Command-L hotkey for Autolink in an Edit Window.
▪Improved daily readings workspace to more reliably update its Text tab
▪Improved triple click on a reference to cycle through available tools more reliably
▪Improved cross highlighting of key numbers with variants
▪Significant enhancements to the Concordance
▪Improved key number matching for phrase tagged texts
▪Improved key number highlighting of compound words, like 'Beersheba'
▪Improved support for key number subtags
▪Improved instant details lexicon lookup, especially for words with multiple homographs
▪Logs are now written as unicode for better cross-platform support
▪Support for improved easy install servers
Bug Fixes
▪Fixed bugs related to OS X 10.10 Yosemite
▪Fixed misc. syntax searching bugs
▪Fixed RTF export from always reporting the language as 'Hebrew'
▪Fixed several issues in Hebrew Literal search
▪Fixed unicode import of certain Greek characters
▪Fixed immobile blink point when scrolling an Edit User Note or Tool window
▪Fixed missing arrow key navigation on Word Pick list.
▪Fixed crash when right-clicking on a tool gutter.
▪Fixed Auto Context bug when changing the search version
▪Fixed ability to add Library search results directly to a User Group
▪Fixed location of slideshow palette
▪Fixed ability to dismiss a popover with its own hotkey
▪Fixed updates of some high-ascii modules
▪Fixed diagramming of certain one-letter english words, like 'O'
▪Fixed drawing issues when printing the Library
▪Fixed bug where selecting the primary search text from the Tab Plus menu would open it twice
▪Fixed Accordance from showing error messages after automation services run a bad verse search
▪Fixed Instant Details alignment issue for the first verse of certain chapters
▪Fixed tab rendering issue for small font sizes
▪Fixed bug when changing or creating zones during Reading Mode
▪Fixed cross-highlighting with the Syntax tree pane
▪Fixed error message with missing notes files
▪Fixed changing tabs during Reading Mode
▪Fixed saved workspace name during auto save, if a sheet is visible
▪Fixed support for amplifying to a Tool to always respect Option and Shift
▪Fixed font when changing tool fields with Cmd-;
▪Fixed issues searching for Timeline items that don't exist in the date scheme
▪Fixed support for underscores in book names, in the book name tab
▪Fixed minor Syntax search issues
▪Fixed bug scrolling some notes in sync with the text
▪Fixed bug in adding notes references

06/10/2014 | Versione : 10.4.4 | Dimesioni : 254,5 MB
Version 10.4.4
Significant bug fixes and Gatekeeper Update

Bug Fixes
▪Fixed timeout errors when downloading updates
▪Fixed text wrapping when printing
▪Fixed ability to enter individual verses in GoTo box
▪Fixed ability to arrow key up and down find results while entering a Library search
▪Fixed error when command-clicking on a Library folder that would start editing the name
▪Added error message when attempting to diagram a unicode text
▪Other misc. bug fixes

Version 10.4.3
Autolink User Notes and User Tools, improved support for scripting and automation, Improved highlights, and many bug fixes

New Features
▪New Auto-Link button when editing User Notes or User Tools, to automatically mark all valid scripture references (shift-click to remove all links)
▪Accordance Bundle now includes Automator Actions for use in general scripting
▪Support for accord:// URLs to perform actions in Accordance▪Highlights can be transferred between compatible modules, e.g. BECNT -> BECNT-16
▪The Goto box now supports just a verse number to jump to that verse in the current chapter, e.g. ":5" or ".15"

▪Verses with both verse and word highlights now fully render both, rather than truncating the verse highlight to the reference.
▪New panes are created with empty interlinears, making it easier to quickly show a single interlinear row
▪Improved Goto history when doing All Context verse searches
▪Improved triple click and instant details lookup of Greek crasis forms
▪Use Shift-Return to insert a line break in a Map User Layer text item
▪Changed the modifier key used when opening a pane to force it to be top row vs. bottom from Option to Command
▪Changed the modifier key used when opening a 3D map to ignore any routes, sites, and regions, from Option to CommandHighlight files are maintained more rigorously to avoid corruption
▪When opening a workspace containing a missing module, it will be replaced with a compatible module
▪WITHIN items in the construct now properly accounts for punctuation and variants
▪AND and WITHIN search commands no longer find the same word, so David David only returns verses containing two occurrences
▪[RANGE] command no longer requires an command before or after
▪Verse searches now support native and english book names
▪Support for alternate book names 'Canticles', 'Apocalypse', 'Ecclesiasticus'
▪Increased font size granularity for Syntax and Diagram panes
▪Scrolling a pane without synchronization now uses the command key (changed from the control key)
▪Highlights render more properly over poetic text
▪Analysis of construct searches now display the direction of searched terms
▪Improved accuracy of Word Count and Hit Ratio numbers in the Table analytic
▪Improvements to syntax rendering and searching
▪The Library search field now has focus when the library is opened
▪Logs of Module Updates now specify version number
▪Highlight symbols now always draw on top of Highlight styles
▪Clearing a verse highlight now leaves word highlights intact
▪Before transferring a highlight to another module, the highlight file is backed up
▪Significantly improved manual entry of commands into a Hebrew entry box
▪Updated German localization
▪Updated Help files
▪Speaking text no longer reads the superscript characters.

Screenshots Mac OSX :

Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX Screenshots Mac OSX


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