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Basic Kanji Plus

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Includes 1167 Kanji and approximately 8000 words from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced Levels.
Animation of Kanji stroke order and text sound of vocabulary included.

This is an app based on best-selling Kanji textbooks for Japanese Learners
(New Edition) BASIC KANJI BOOK VOL. 1&2 (Bonjinsha Co., Ltd., 2016/2017)
INTERMEDIATE KANJI BOOK VOL. 1&2 (Bonjinsha Co., Ltd., 2017)

Readings and stroke order of kanji can be seen with a recording of its pronunciation.
Perfect for learners from countries using kanji that may be strong in writing but weak in listening.
Includes feature that shows only words that you have not memorized allowing for a more efficient approach to learning.
In addition to textbook vocabulary, approximately 1500 frequently used words were newly added from Vocabulary Database for Reading Japanese (VDRJ) Ver. 1.1 (Approximately 750 words using beginner level kanji, and another 750 using intermediate and advanced level kanji)

Study Methods and Features
Study: Learn vocabulary by looking at the kanji and listening to the pronunciation.
You can choose to study “All words” or “Unlearned words”.
You can study by looking at the hiragana notation, kanji notation, and text sound.
All vocabulary include English translation, example sentences with their English translation and text sound.
Kanji information can be seen when learning vocabulary.
Check: You can verify that you have learned the vocabulary.
You can check and remove memorized vocabulary.
Hiragana to kanji notation, kanji to hiragana notation, text sound to kanji notation, and kanji notation to text sound can be checked.
List: Approximately 8000 words can be listed.
You can see all vocabulary in lesson order and alphabetical order.
You can review vocabulary in the lesson order and look up vocabulary in the alphabetical order.
Kanji Information can also be viewed in the List section.

* Ads: Any advertisements that may interfere with learning are not displayed.
*Supported OS: OS10.3.1 or higher is required to install this app.
*Depending on model of phone and environment, this app may not operate properly.

*  *  *

「Basic Kanji Plus」は日本語学習者向け漢字教科書に準拠した漢字とその漢字を使った語彙を確認できる日本語学習のためのアプリです。
初級から中上級レベルの漢字1167字とその漢字を使った語彙約8000語を収録しています。教科書掲載語彙に加え、Vocabulary Database for Reading Japanese (VDRJ) Ver. 1.1から使用頻度の高い語彙約1500を新たに収録しました。(初級漢字を使った初級語彙約750語、中上級語彙約750語)





Note di rilascio

14/02/2018 | Versione : 1.0.0 | Dimesioni : 643,3 MB

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